The mission of the Upper Colorado River Authority, acting within the parameters of its charter, is to enhance the water quality of the streams and tributaries located within the watershed of the Upper Colorado River Authority.
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Brady Creek Watershed Protection Plan
The UCRA has worked with the City of Brady for almost 20 years to construct storm water improvements, develop a Brady
Creek Master Plan,  prepare a Watershed Characterization Plan and complete a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) with
federal funds received from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and managed by the Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Nonpoint Source Pollution Program. 

The UCRA was awarded a contract for the development of a WPP in 2010.   A completed plan was submitted to TCEQ in
September 2014 and approved in August 2016.  The watershed is currently the third largest completed WPP in the state. 
The primary goal of the plan is to improve water quality within the impaired segment and protect the integrity of the
remaining watershed.

As a result of the approved plan, UCRA submitted a grant application for the first phase of an implementation project in
2016.  Notification of award was received in December 2016 and the contract was executed on September 1, 2017. The
Quality Assurance Project Plan was recently appoved and the next phase will involve the design and developement of a
storm water quality improvement project within the urban watershed of Brady.  
City of Brady Nonpoint Source (NPS) Programs